Transforming Chronic Disease Management

By solving for a fragmented system together.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals and families to manage chronic diseases through personalised medical and lifestyle insights that are easily collaborated through a network of connected care teams.

Patients with chronic diseases create challenges in healthcare utilisation. Since multi-practitioner and multi-organisational involvement in chronic disease is fundamental to many chronic conditions, it creates unique administrative, clinical and cost challenges to the patient, their families, clinicians, governments and private organisations equally.

We believe there is a simple way to address this complex issue.

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Australia’s 2nd largest integrated Chronic Disease Management CRM

We have developed a system that aims to streamline workflows.

MGT is a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) CRM that is designed to ease admin burden in care coordination in chronic disease management in primary care.

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CDMpal is mobile app that is designed to revolutionise the way patients and their families Interact with their care teams in primary care.
CDMpal will be available in early 2024 for the public. 
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About Our Solutions

Here are our innovative solutions for solving for a fragmented system. By bringing separate documentation and management systems together, we can create a better health system, for all.


MGT is a CDM-CRM that is designed to ease admin burden in care coordination in Chronic Disease Management in primary care.


Our CDM app works with connected teams to give the best outcomes for every person with chronic conditions.​


Using the power of AI and clinical algorithms, InsightPro is designed to transform chronic disease prevention.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dr. Dan Wijeratne from Modern Innovations

Dr Dan Wijeratne

Dan is a GP, ex-GP practice owner and an entrepreneur. Following his initial training in Sri Lanka, Dan completed a Masters’s in Health and Human Services Management at Deakin University, Australia. He is always looking at improving system and efficiency, productivity, and profitability and firmly believes in system improvement as a way to create better health outcomes

Dr. Carl Lukhoff the Emergency Physician and Deputy Director in Emergency at Alfred Health

Dr Carl Lukhoff

Carl is an Emergency Physician and Deputy Director in Emergency at Alfred Health. Following his initial training in South Africa, Carl worked in the UK and other overseas remote locations before starting his emergency specialist training in Australia. He has a passion for broader quality improvement and how this translates into improved outcomes for patients, whilst ensuring individualised care within the hospital context. He is particularly interested in systems redesign and novel approaches to clinical care and is actively involved in projects that look at the implementation of novel strategies and broader quality improvement

Professor Joseph Matthew the head of Modern Innovations

A/Prof Joseph Mathew

Joseph is the Head, International Programs (South Asia), National Trauma Research Institute Deputy Director, Trauma Service, Alfred Health Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Information Technology, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Deakin University Centre for Software Innovation, Deakin University His special interests include Artificial intelligence and decision-making tools in the assessment and treatment of different aspects of clinical medicine